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Drosophila Research

Fly Base, Indiana
JFly (Japanese Drosophila Research Community)

- Stock and Resource Center -
Bloomington Stock Center
Kyoto DGRC
NIG-FLY (RNAi library)
VDRC (Vienna Drosophila RNAi Center)
The Exelixis Collection (Harvard Medical School)
Szeged Stock Center
Indiana DGRC (Drosophila Genomics Resource Center)
DSHB (Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank)
Best Gene (Injection service)
addgene(Plasmid Bank)
Santa Cruz Biotech (non-mammalian protein Ab)

- Database -
Virtual Fly Brain(Neuroanatomy database)
FlyLight Gal4 Collection (Expression patterns of Rubin collection)
Fly Enhancers(Database for VDRC collection)
BrainBase(Image database based on VDRC collection)
DrosDel (Isogenic deficiency kit database)
GETDB (NP Gal4 strain database)
Fly View (Enhancer trap strain database)
BDGP (Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project)
Gene Disruption Project Database (The Drosophila Transcription Factor Database)
Gene Search Project (GS vectors and insertions)

- Guide and Atlas-
The Interactive Fly (Guide to Drosophila development)
FLY MOVE (Movies to learn Drosophila development)
FLY BRAIN Tokyo, Arizona, Freiburg
           (Atlas and Database of the Drosophila Brain)

- Meeting -
Drosophila Research Conference (US Fly Meeting)
European Drosophila Research Conference (EDRC)
JDRC10 (10th Japanese Drosophia Research Conference)
JDRC11 (11th Japanese Drosophia Research Conference)
JDRC12 (12th Japanese Drosophia Research Conference)

JDRC13 (13th Japanese Drosophia Research Conference)
The Asia-Pacific Drosophila Research Conference (APDRC)
CSHL meeting
Janelia Conference

Life Science

TaKaRa Bio (DNA sequence/custom antibody)
Greiner (custom primer/DNA sequence)
Thermo Fisher Scientific (custom primer)

NCBI home
  PubMed-NCBI  Blast-NCBI

Kanazawa University
Faculty of Medicine, Kanazawa University
Brain/Liver Interface Medicine Research Center
Frontier Science Organization, Kanazawa University
Acanthus Portal
Information Media Center

Tabata lab, IMCB, University of Tokyo

The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
Japanese Society of Developmental Biology

The Japan Neuroscience Society
Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology



Developmental Cell
Molucular Cell
Nature Cell Biology
Nature Genetics
Nature Neuroscience
Genes & Development
Developmental Biology
Mechanisms of Development
Developmental Neurobiology
Current Biology
EMBO Journal
PLoS one
PLoS Biology
PLoS Genetics
Journal of Neuroscience
Journal of Neurogenetics
Genes to Cells


FedEx Japan
DHL Japan
Yahoo! Japan

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